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"Original Black Panther Member Talibah Shakir Shares Activism Journey in Exclusive Interview"

Original Black Panther Member Talibah Shakir Shares Activism Journey in Exclusive Interview Los Angeles, CA - People of Power Show is excited to announce their upcoming interview with original Black Panther member Talibah Shakir. Known for her dedication to activism and community organizing, Shakir's journey will be shared in an exclusive interview that promises to be informative, enlightening, and historical. As one of the original members of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Black Panther Party, Talibah Shakir has been a fierce advocate for inter-community organizing and freeing political prisoners. Her activism extends to founding Village Teachers, a community-based group that provides education and childcare for single mothers and their children. She has also been instrumental in advocating for cultural sensitivity training in mega companies, despite facing resistance. In the interview, Shakir will discuss the biggest struggles facing the BIPOC community, including healthcare, housing equality, lack of inclusion, financial awareness, oppression, and land ownership. Her insights and experiences are sure to shed light on important issues facing marginalized communities. To learn more about Talibah Shakir and her activism journey, visit the People of Power Show website at and subscribe to their YouTube channel at Contact: People of Power Show Email: Website: Phone: (1-310-469-9584)

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